The Breach

Out March 2020.


From Philip K. Dick Award-nominated author M.T. Hill, The Breach is a unique science fiction mystery set in the dangerous underground world of the urban exploration scene.

Freya Medlock, a reporter at her local paper, is down on her luck and chasing a break. When she’s assigned to cover the death of a young climber named Stephen, she might just have the story she needs.

Digging into Stephen’s electronic life, Freya uncovers a strange photo Stephen uploaded to an online urban exploration forum not long before he died. It seems to show a nest, but the caption below suggests there’s more to it.

Intrigued and on the trail, Freya soon meets Shep: a trainee steeplejack with his own secret life. When Shep’s not working up chimneys, he’s also into urban exploration – undertaking dangerous ‘missions’ into abandoned and restricted sites hidden in the wilderness.

As Shep draws Freya deeper into the urbex scene, the circumstances of Stephen’s death become increasingly unsettling – and Freya finds herself risking more and more to get the answers she wants.

The problem is, neither Freya nor Shep realise that some dark corners are better left unlit.

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