Tall things


Nearly there with draft one of the new thing. Being down south has made writing about Manchester a bit trickier this time round — instead of going out for walks like I used to, you’ve got to connect dots and streets and places with your mind-map (and a little help from Street View). It means when I’m up there I tend to take as many pictures as I can. A lot of them of tall things — cranes, chimneys, gantries, towers, the knackered old machinery you see as the train rolls into Piccadilly.

This is one: the Beetham from the Princess Road. I did a Big Issue in the North interview a couple of months ago and called this tower a 47-storey middle finger to the IRA. Don’t know if that’s really true at all, but until the new builds catch up it’s still a weird but brilliant tower to have dominating the skyline. It always reminds me of the Combine Citadel in Half-Life 2.


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